VágaVan's Mission(s)

What We Do

VágaVans buys and builds out vans to be beautiful, practical, and affordable. Our company is ethical, eco-friendly, and completely local and handmade. Our vans include the buildout, the van, and everything inside. Send us your questions at Hello@VagaVans.com.

Eco Friendly

VagaVans uses recycled and repurposed materials whenever possible for counters, floors, walls, and more!

In place of memory foam, engineered flooring, and plastic drawers, you'll find a decompostable latex mattress, cork flooring, and recycled cabinets Each piece is hand-selected to be picture-perfect, super comfy, and totally natural!

By removing manufactured and artificial ingredients, we reduce the fumes associated with newly manufactured materials, and give your VágaVan a picture perfect, one-of-a-kind personality.

Picture Perfect

Let's face it. Your van needs to be photogenic as well as functional.

Megan, Vaga's resident interior-designer, is an Instagram manager for several companies, and makes it her life mission to create every VagaVan to be one-of-a-kind, photo-friendly, and full of personality.

Alex on the other hand, works to ensure each van is functional, full of storage, and packed with a sweet sound system, and every feature imaginable.


Think about the things you are most sentimental about. Chances are, they weren't pumped out of a factory overseas. Your most treasured possessions were created by the hand of someone who cared a lot about what they were doing.

Vága wants every van to be as perfect as possible, but only as perfect as a human's hands can make them. Without engineered and prefabricated materials, our vans have the little flaws that show someone has cared about the experiences they would create. Sometimes it's the flaws that make something, or someone so unique and beautiful that you can't stop thinking about them.


#Vanlife's roots are not prefabricated, "perfect" vans. The original dream somehow got mixed-up with the 2019 "American dream" of an older generation.

The original #vanlife dream was that freedom could be afforded by anyone, anywhere. Creativity would provide enough money to give anyone freedom, so long as they worked hard and were resourceful. VágaVans wants you to be able to access the dream without giving up running water, electricity, lights, or the ability to cook fresh meals or keep juice cold.

The original #VanLife isn't for everyone, but it is for the creative, free-spirited, and resourceful souls. VágaVan strikes the perfect balance between cost, inspiration, comfort, and reliability.